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Bart's Brick & Boats stands for Bart's 2 biggest passions in his life. 


Bricks has everything to do with aesthetics, design  concerning interior en exterior.
His passion for creating is unstoppable, and slowing down is his challenge. Bart specialised himself in understanding the needs of his clients and learned  to projecting that into a a space needed for work, living, entertaining and not to forget sailing!
With his experience he became an
adviser for investors by studying plans and possibilities. 

Boats started to interest Bart when he barely could walk, from dinghy's to surfing ending up in sailing the oceans. The first crossing was a turning point in Bart's life and he decided to include Boating, and everything connected, to be a big part of his life. Starting with deliveries, teaching kids how to sail, to skipper for private owners, racing Rolex cups in the Mediterranean Sea, refitting yachts, advising and helping out owners to make their choices before sailing the oceans.

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